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Parents’ Information – Spring Term 2017



Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome to Ruby Class page.  We are looking forward to an exciting SpringTerm which will include many exciting events and opportunities. 

The Curriculum

In September 2014, a new National curriculum was introduced. Classes throughout the school follow this national guidance.
In the first half term, we will be studying the Saxons. We will be focusing our English work around the book Beowulf. Our new Primary Maths books are based on the Singapore Maths approach. It is a child-centred approach, which is fun to teach, using physical resources, problem solving and group work. 

Assessment and Attainment 

We will provide you with information explain how your child is progressing during parents’ evenings. You will be informed as to whether they are working within age-related expectations, above or below. Maths and English targets will be set in the first few weeks of term and written in the front sections of the homework diaries. We would appreciate it, if you would discuss these targets with your child and support their progress towards achieving them.


Daily : practising spellings, read and learning times tables 

Monday:  Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Tuesday: Spellings ~ learn words, meanings and create sentences using the spelling pattern of the week.

Wednesday: On going topic research project

Thursday: Maths

Friday: Science


Homework will be given every day and the task will be written in the homework diaries.  Generally there will not be an expectation for homework to be handed in the following day, but it is good practice for your child to complete it on the night it is given.  Government guidelines suggest that homework should not be longer than half an hour per night.  Can you please ensure that your child has a quiet space with a chair and a table to enable them to focus on their homework.  Please encourage your child to share and discuss their homework with you every day.  Children are also expected to practise and learn their spellings and timetables every week, ideally a little bit per day. 

We expect all children to hand homework in on time.  They need to manage their time throughout the week and try to complete it on the day it is set. Children will receive a Friday detention for not handing homework in and a comment will be written in homework diaries by the class teacher.


Your child needs to read every day and have their reading record books signed as frequently as they possibly can.  Discuss the books with them, asking relevant questions and finding the meaning of unknown words.  Reading books and reading records should be brought to school every day.


The children all look very smart in school.  Thank you to all parents. Please remind your children that they have to wear their school shoes, and not trainers, throughout the year. 

If your child has had their ears pierced, they must only wear studs for school.  These must be removed for P.E.  Please wait until the beginning of the summer holidays, if you are considering having ears pierced.  Long hair must be tied back at all times.  Please send your child to school with a coat for playtimes.



Craven College sessions: 

The outdoor sessions with the Craven College Sports Students will continue on Thursdays.  Lessons will still take place even if it is raining or chilly.  Health and safety guidelines will always be followed.   Your child will require a suitable, warm P.E. kit (white round necked t-shirt and black shorts), including trainers (not pumps), tracksuit bottoms (black), a sweatshirt (not their daily school one) and a lightweight, waterproof outer shell (eg cagoule). 

Other P.E. lessons:

Year 5 will also have a P.E. lesson on a Tuesday with Miss Whitaker or Miss Pickard, Sports Coach.  Indoor and outdoor P.E. clothes will be needed on this day.


Ways to help your child at home: 

1   Listen to your child read regularly (daily if possible), discussing and asking questions about the text. 

2  Encourage your child to write for a variety of reasons. 

3  Encourage knowledge and understanding of times tables. 

4  Reinforce mathematical skills by involving them in real-life maths,.  

5  Support your child with homework tasks



Maths and English will take place each morning, with Foundation subjects being taught in the afternoon. 


There are a wide variety of clubs running throughout the school week. Please see the school website for details.  Letters will also come out during the school year about the club opportunities available.  Copies of letters are kept in the carousel outside the school office.

Communication, PTA and Volunteers in school 

Thank you for all your continued support.  You are always welcome into school to discuss any questions you may have. You may also write any concerns or comments in the homework diary. 

It is always good to see parents attending our Monday achievement assemblies to share in their child’s success.  

If you have the time, please remember to support the PTA, who do a tremendous amount for our school, either through becoming a member (first meeting is the AGM on Monday, 26 September at 6pm) or by attending events throughout the year.


Yours sincerely,


Miss Whitaker & Mrs Barr

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