Mrs. Ward - Jade Class, Year 2/3  
Summer Term 2017


Dear Pupil/Parent/Carer

We are looking forward to a fun filled term with fun and educational activities planned for the weeks ahead. Welcome to our summer term information page - details of our topics to be studied this term are outlined below with links to our curriculum map.  

Mrs Ward  


Topics to be studied this term

  • Story telling and traditional tales ['Alien Adventure' and 'Little Red Riding Hood']; instructions ['How to set-up a butterfly garden']; recounts ['The gift of metamorphosis']; explanations ['How to look after ourselves']; poetry [calligrams, free verse and vocabulary building]; recounts; SPAG [spellings, punctuation and grammar] and handwriting in English;
  • We will continue to use 'Maths No Problem!' - a great resource which uses a CPA [Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract] approach to really embed a secure understanding of number in Maths. This term we will focus on volume, length, mass and temperature; picture graphs; word problems; 3d shapes; money and time. Fluency, reasoning and problem-solving will be the bedrock of all that we do.
  • We will do cross curricula work in Maths involving: measuring temperature in Geography; improving our financial literacy in 'My Money Week'; looking at pattern in Music and using graphing in Computing;
  • Plants and Living Things and their Habitats in Science;
  • A local person study in History;
  • The weather in Geography;
  • Painting based on our Science topic of plants in Art based on 'Vase with 12 Sunflowers' by Van Gogh;
  • Making felt butterflies and a butterfly bag in D & T to extend our learning on the life cycle of butterflies in Science;
  • Creation Stories in RE; 
  • British Values and our own school values; good manners; financial literacy [Maths link]; online safety and SRE in PHSEe;
  • Gymnastics; athletics and outdoor activities in PE;    
  • Exploring sounds, beat and pitch in Music through cross curricula topics - weather [Geography link]; Animals [Science link] and Pattern [Maths link] and
  • We are Personal Trainers [using graphing software - Maths link] and Programming in Computing. 

For additional detail have a look at Jade's curriculum map

If you would like any information about any of the topics to be studied please do not hesitate to come into school to discuss them. Similarly, if you need a chat about any concerns regarding your child please feel free to see me at the beginning or end of the school day. Thank you.


Children will receive regular homework tasks in Year 2 and 3, this will include learning number facts; spellings; maths games; speaking tasks and reading. Homework should take less than half an hour to complete. Can you please ensure that your child has a quiet space with a chair and a table to enable them to focus on their homework. Please encourage your child to share and discuss their homework with you every day.

Children are also encouraged to read to their parents every evening to improve their fluency and confidence and to extend their vocabulary. Please sign your child's reading record to show they have read to you - staff in school will also sign their books when they read with them and put down a short note about their progress. Please discuss the books they are reading with them to ensure a clear understanding, asking relevant questions and finding the meaning of unknown words. 

Children are also expected to practise and learn their spellings every week, ideally a little bit per day. All children are expected to hand homework in on time. They need to manage their time throughout the week and try to complete it on the day it is set.

Homework Schedule:

Monday: Reading [your child will bring home a reading book appropriate for their level and will have regular opportunities to change it] and maths game. 

Tuesday: Maths game and library book.

Wednesday: Maths Learn It practice.

Thursday: Homework Matrix.

Friday: Spellings and sentence level work - to be handed in on Monday and tested each Friday. 

Ways to help your child at home

  • Hear your child read regularly, discussing and asking questions about the text.
  • Encourage your child to write for a variety of reasons - remind them to use capital letters, full stops and commas in their work.
  • Encourage knowledge and understanding of times tables, by the end of Year 2 children should know their number bonds to 20 and their 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 times tables.
  • Reinforce mathematical skills by involving them in real-life maths; money and time are particularly important.
  • Support your child with homework tasks.

Learning Online 

Some useful websites to help extend your learning about our topics this term [more to be added]:

Words and Pictures Phonics Special
Year 2 Phonics

Primary Games Arena

KS1 Bitesize


Learn your times


 Oxford Owl

This link to the Oxford Owls website contains useful e-books which you can read with your child at home.

This short video is a very useful way to see the phonemes taught across KS1 in support of the development of reading and writing skills. 




Just a reminder that children need to bring their PE kits into school on a weekly basis for lessons; lessons will normally be scheduled on Tuesdays and Fridays. For indoor PE children require shorts, a separate round-necked white t-shirt, or their house  t-shirt, and plimsolls. During the summer term children should bring in trainers as PE is scheduled to take place outside as long as the weather allows.


Children are required to remove all their jewellery for PE and children with long hair should tie it back to ensure their safety. If children are unable to remove their own earrings please ensure they are removed prior to coming to school as they present a Health and Safety risk.


It is also very useful if all children's clothing is clearly labelled to speed up the identification of misplaced clothing. This half-term we will be focusing on invasion games [basketball and benchball skills] and dance.



We are very proud of how smart our children in their school uniforms - thank you to all parents/ carers for your support with this. Please:

  • Remind your children that they have to wear their black school shoes, and not trainers, throughout the year.
  • Remind your children that if they have had their ears pierced, they must only wear studs for school. These must be removed for P.E. Please wait until the beginning of the summer holidays, if you are considering having ears pierced and ensure your child is able to remove their own earrings for PE lessons or remove them before bringing them to school.
  • Long hair must be tied back at all times to prevent the spread of head lice. If your child does have head lice please treat your child and let us know so a stop press can be sent out so every child in the class can be checked and prevent its spread. Head lice are very common amongst all children and are treated sensitively and in confidence by all members of staff.
  • Please send your child to school with a coat for playtimes as children go out to play most days.

PTA and Volunteers in school

It is also good to see parents attending our Monday achievement assemblies to share in their child’s success.

If you have the time, please remember to support the PTA, who do a tremendous amount for our school by attending events throughout the year or by becoming a member yourself. The first meeting this year is the AGM which is being held at school on Monday, 26 September at 6pm.

If you are unable to attend a meeting you can keep up-to-date and contribute through the PARTY Facebook page and PTA Social.