Skipton Parish Church C of E (VC) Primary School

Believing and Achieving Together

Assessment at Our School

We continuously assess the children against the skills in the year group standard they are working in as this enables us to ensure that we teach exactly what the children need. Every half term, we measure how well the children are progressing within their curriculum as a percentage of the standard.  There is a greater depth curriculum for those children who achieve the expected standard before the end of the year.  Every half term, pupil progress meetings are held where we discuss each child, how they are progressing and what we are doing to ensure that they remain on track to reach their targets.

Assessment in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Assessments of each child's attainment and progress are made continuously. Evidence such as photographs, pieces of work and observations of play all contribute to the judgements made.  Parents are encouraged to contribute to this process by sharing information about their child's learning and development via Tapestry. Senior leaders review progress for each child half termly.


Below is a graph which shows how we measure if children are on track to reach their target at different points in the school year.